Top 10 Financial Planners in Mumbai

financial planners in Mumbai

Financ uses a comprehensive review system and has done most of the work for you, so you can skip sifting through information for hundreds of Financial Planners in Mumbai and simply compare the details of our “top 10 financial advisors in Mumbai” list to find the best financial planner to meet your financial needs.

Methodology for Selecting the Top Financial Advisors in Mumbai:

What methodology did we use in selecting this list of best financial advisors and top wealth managers in Mumbai? Using publicly available sources, we identified a wide range of financial advisors, asset and wealth managers, and financial planners that provide services in Mumbai and its surrounding areas.

S9 Financial Planners: 

S9 Financial Planners help you to accomplish your financial goals while you enjoy your life stress free. They present a wide range of customized services including customized financial planning, tax planning, loans and finances and so on. They have widened their horizons by adding various investment products and services to their offerings.

Their in-depth knowledge and skilled proficiency enable them to offer innovative solutions to varied requirements of the clients. S9 Financial Planners foray into risk and insurance advisory services demonstrates their ability to leverage their relationships and domain knowledge to cross-sell products and offer value-added services to clients.


Moneyfrog has more than 15 years of experience in the financial markets, the know-how and proficiency in most of the financial products and asset classes. Having worked with some of the leading financial firms, building their assets and protecting their securities, has given them the skill that is their bedrock today. And that is also the foundation of their entrepreneurial spirit.

With this conviction, experience and market potency, they have developed a dashboard, which is built on an online dynamic web-based platform. As they understand that each client’s financial need would be better served with personal attention, this portal will be supported with an offline Tele-Assist Financial Planner team.

VR Wealth Advisors:

Risk Management is the centre piece of any financial advice and VR Wealth advisors ensure that they don’t compromise on educating the client of the Risks involved in a certain approach they choose. They refrain from the flavour of the market type of decision making. Through investor education and graduating them to understand the ‘Why so’ behind the decision goes a long way in creating a win-win approach with a sustainable wealth creation for the client and equally sustainable investor-advisor relationship.


Ladder7 Financial Advisories is a Mumbai ( Bombay ), India based Professional Financial Planning & wealth advisory firm, offering fee-based services since 2004. They have registered with SEBI as an Investment Adviser. They have evolved into an eminent financial planning & wealth advisory firm that is trusted for their professional competence, relied on for the top quality of advisories and depended upon due to their integrity, ethics & trustworthiness. This makes them one of the most experienced financial planners / advisors in Mumbai. Ladder7 FA specializes in offering detailed & holistic Financial Planning & advisory services to their clients in India & worldwide, with help from technology.

AUM Financial Advisors:

AUM Financial Advisors is a Wealth Management & Financial Planning initiative promoted by Mr. Nirav Panchmatia in 2008 to cater to Individual Clients who are looking for personalized Financial Planning and Investment Planning advice that is unbiased, sound and that comes at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, in this profession, there is dearth of unbiased ethical advice.

AUM Financial Advisors caters to Indians (Resident as well as NRIs) situated anywhere in the world who would like to Invest in India after taking expert professional advice. Their forte is their expertise in Mutual Funds. AUM Financial Advisors has pioneered the concept of Wealth Management via Mutual Funds in India


Solutions was founded in the year 2004, has a team of financial advisors with experience and expertise in Financial Planning, Mutual Funds, Wealth Management, Health and Life Insurance, Investments and Tax advisory services. Solutions helps you to work out on where you are now, what you may need in the future and what you must do to reach your goal by the process that involves gathering relevant financial information, setting financial goals, examining your current financial status and coming up with a strategy for a plan on how you can meet with your goals, and map the gap.

They are able to provide their clients with personalized advice, offering a wide range of different, yet effective solutions. From their base in Mumbai, they provide Financial Planning Advice and Mutual Funds Advice throughout India.


Many investors are losing their hard earned money by investing in wrong products. Mis-selling of financial products is a common issue in our country. Finvin believes that everybody should have access to unbiased advice at affordable prices before making any investment. Their mission is “to be a reliable partner with each of our clients and help them in reaching their financial goals by giving unbiased financial advice at affordable prices”

Relationship Life Time Services:

Relationship Life Time Services is an independent, customer-driven financial planning & wealth advisory consultancy with its strong focus on independent & unbiased objective based advice. The Company is dedicated to providing customized Financial Planning & Wealth Management Services. Kirit Nagda is the CEO  of this company, who has been working in this field for last 27 years. He has been Financial Advisor since 2002. He takes care of Research & Strategic issues besides taking overall responsibility of the consultancy with updated current financial scenario.

MONEY & more Consultants Pvt. Ltd:

MONEY & more Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai (India) based Financial Planning Company established in 2002. With a unique approach to asset management, over the last decade, they have grown from strength to strength and broadened their horizons by adding various investment avenues, platforms, products and services to our set of offerings. They currently have over 20 Crores of Assets Under Management and cater to more than 800 retail clients across the globe. They specialize in diversifying our client’s investments into different asset classes.


With years of experience in safeguarding the happiness of families, AIMPL offer a host of products and services that cater to the unique needs of each customer. So, when it comes to future of their families, the approach is holistic and without any compromise. Arthashastra is a team of experienced professionals engaged in the business of advisory on personal financial, having in-depth, diverse and hands-on experience in Investments, Insurance and loan’s advisory.

Life is a beautiful journey, if you know your destination and the path to reach there. The major resources which make it easy or tough are Health, Wealth and relationships. They are in the business of managing wealth. Their endeavour is always to create personalized efficient & effective solutions.

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