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  • How to Check the Credit Card Statement & Why is it Important

    How to Check the Credit Card Statement & Why is it Important?

    Credit cards gave us the freedom to spend more money when they were first introduced. We used them to purchase things and grow our economy before using a strategy known as cash-on-hand management. This allowed you to avoid debt by keeping your savings in an account with a low balance until you needed it for […]

  • What is a Credit Builder Loan and How it Improves the Credit Score

    What is a Credit Builder Loan and How it Improves the Credit Score

    We all know that obtaining loans from banks and financial organizations is dependent on having a decent credit score. However, a good credit score can only be achieved with a good credit history, which may be difficult for people like graduate students, recent immigrants, persons who failed a loan repayment due to case of emergency, […]

  • Personal Loan Vs Business Loan: Which is Better?

    Personal Loan Vs Business Loan: Which is Better?

    If you want to expand your business or need funds to purchase machinery, electronic devices, or tools for the business, having funds is important to start your business.   A business loan may be the first option that springs to mind when it comes to financing a firm, many entrepreneurs believe that a personal loan is […]

  • Complete Guide on TDS

    Complete Guide on TDS Some investors still seem to be baffled by the concept of TDS (Tax Deducted at source) and its relation to taxation. Though a very simple concept, the investors get confused if TDS is nicked from their Fixed Deposits (FDs) as they assume they need not pay any tax at maturity, or […]

  • financial planners in Mumbai

    Top 10 Financial Planners in Mumbai

    Financ uses a comprehensive review system and has done most of the work for you, so you can skip sifting through information for hundreds of Financial Planners in Mumbai and simply compare the details of our “top 10 financial advisors in Mumbai” list to find the best financial planner to meet your financial needs. Methodology […]

  • monthly income plan

    Complete Guide on MIP / Monthly Income Plan

    Are you seeking some sort of financial instrument that can give you decent income at low or moderate risk? Or, do you want to park that surplus cash somewhere in a hope of receiving greater returns than an FD could provide?  Yes! Then, let me take you to the world of MIP. Contrary to what […]

  • service tax registration in india

    Complete Guide on Service Tax

    Service tax is a tax payable on services provided by the service provider. Similar to excise obligation, which is payable on goods fabricated, service tax is payable on the services provided. Service tax is payable by the provider of the service to the Government of India. The service provider can, however, collect this tax from […]

  • Warren Buffet ways to get rich

    Warren Buffett’s 10 Ways to Get Rich

    Warren Buffett is known as the richest man in the entire world with a projected fortune of $62 billion. Buffett who started earlier in 1962 with buying shares is now Berkshire’s chairman and CEO and one share of the company’s Class A stock is worth close to $119,000 (versus $7.50 in 1962). He credits his […]

  • Complete Guide on SIP

    Complete Guide on SIP

    Any investment made by us is intended to help us wade through the critical times. There can be situations like medical emergencies when investments are your ray of hope. The unpredictable global economy makes it even more necessary to look forward to diverse investment options provided by banks and other focused mediums. Systematic Investment Plan […]