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  • Tips on Saving Money for Retirement Days

    Are you all set to take rest and enjoy life after retirement? But have you planned for your financial well-being for the life after retirement? Many people face the challenge of maintaining a constant flow of income in-order to maintain the living standard. Recommended read: Save ATM charges in India Most people who plan for […]

  • financial planners in Mumbai

    Top 10 Financial Planners in Mumbai

    Financ uses a comprehensive review system and has done most of the work for you, so you can skip sifting through information for hundreds of Financial Planners in Mumbai and simply compare the details of our “top 10 financial advisors in Mumbai” list to find the best financial planner to meet your financial needs. Methodology […]

  • The Quickest way to Wealth Creation through Big Wins

    The Quickest way to Wealth Creation through Big Wins

    Generally, there are two sections of people who throng the arena of personal finance. One section skimps and saves to achieve financial success, while the other scoffs at scrimping and pockets big wins. In truth, both are right in their own sense. Taking steps like securing discount coupons, saving electricity etc. will eventually lead to […]

  • How to Save on ATM Charges

    How to Save on ATM charges in India

    Many of us just swipe our ATM cards impulsively without checking the various occasions we use the service. The jolt comes when we are charged for disproportionate usage. Several banks charge ATM fees for the usage of their ATMs (Automated Teller Machines). In few instances, the fee is assessed exclusively for non-account holders of the bank while […]

  • tax free income in india

    Top 10 Tax Free Income in India that every Indian should know

    The relation between income and taxation is directly proportional, the more you earn, the greater will be your income tax liability. However, this statement is not entirely true as there are certain incomes for which your tax liability is nil. These earnings are not included in your assessable income for that financial year and thus, stay […]

  • 10 mistakes to avoid in 20s

    10 Common Money Mistakes to Avoid in your 20s

    Early twenties is the time when one gets his first job and starts experiencing a new phase of his life. Twenties is also the right age to start planning for a financially secure life. However, due to lack of proper knowledge and experience, there are many young adults who make money mistakes. Such mistakes can […]

  • reasons to hire financial advisor

    10 Reasons Why you should Hire a Financial Planner?

    Managing your finances and planning your expenditure and investments so that your future becomes secure can be called as financial planning. Financial planning can be done for personal life as well as for businesses. This whole activity of planning and managing your finances is called as financial planning. A certified professional who will help you […]