Dholera Smart City is the Futuristic Investment in India

Dholera Smart City is the future of India. Dholera Special Investment Region (Dholera SIR) is a major project under the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Project with an aim to make it a global manufacturing hub supported by world class infrastructure.

What is the smart city exactly?

The first question is what is meant by a ‘smart city’. The picture of a smart city contains a desire list of infrastructure and services that describes human level of aspiration. Smart city is more efficient than traditional city in terms of energy, transportation, waste management and water management. To provide for the aspirations and desires of the citizens, the urban planners supremely plan at developing the entire urban eco-system, which is represented by the four pillars of complete development-institutional, social, physical and financial infrastructure. This can be a long term aim and cities can work towards developing such comprehensive infrastructure incrementally, adding on covers of ‘smartness’.

The foremost aim of a smart city is to improve the quality of living for its citizens through smart technology, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart’ Solutions.

Dholera Smart City will set new standards

Dholera which is a city in Gujarat is going to be developed into a smart city. It is India’s first smart city project. The reason that Dholera SIR is being called a smart city is that it is set out to have all the modern features and sustainable solutions desired when it comes to urbanization. Dholera is going to have some marvelous features that are going to give it the label of being a smart city. Dholera SIR is sustained by world class infrastructure, excellent town amenities and down to business policy framework by the government.

Dholera is also evolving to use state of the art technology to assist manage and control the city. They are going to use e-governance, robust IT connectivity, and solar panels for green energy, secure electricity supply and much more. Access to the internet in every residence will be as willingly available as for how water is. Dholera smart city will have intelligent traffic management systems to make sure less or no traffic built up which is such a plus to most people staying in cities in India.


Dholera is going to be very premium for businesses and investors. Transportation of trade and business there will be a gust. This is because the price of land there is at affordable prices which make setting up of businesses very effortless. It is also going to be a very reachable city. It is going to have numerous modes of transport which include 8 lane express highways, a new international airport, and even the metro. Dholera is going to be a city linked by metro which makes traveling in and around Dholera very painless. Dholera will have a port too. This makes transportation of Dholera very easy and therefore a big bonus for companies and businesses to explosion.


Education and health facility are the two major facilities that nobody likes to compromise on. Eager awareness has been given to providing best possible services. Dholera will have superlative schools, colleges and institutes to provide occupant a quality education along with pro-efficient and progressive healthcare facilities.


Dholera is having the most modern amenities which will attract people from the world. It will be good for your business and well as for the luxurious lifestyle. Most of the multinational companies had made their spots at this awesome city for business. It generates more employment opportunities for everyone.

  • Self governed economic region enjoying full support of the government and full potential for private sector participation.
  • Logistic support of the Delhi-Mumbai Dedicated Freight Corridor linked with efficient rail and road network.
  • Premium civic amenities.
  • To be linked with Ahmedabad city with metro rail system.
  • Proximity to sea port, Closeness to international airport.
  • Close to Gujarat International Finance City (GIFT).
  • Close to Petro-chemicals and Petroleum Inv. Region (PCPIR).
  • Autonomy in operations.
  • Flexibility in decisions.
  • Single window clearance.
  • Dispute Resolution mechanism.

Area DHOLERA SIR will be the services like RCC high-quality transport road, administrative office, water Solution or treatment plant, sewerage treatment, power transmission, internet connectivity, gas line etc. is planned to inclusive by short of time. Proposed Economic activity will development plan on 9225 Hectares of land up to 2042.

“The project will become a main milestone in the next few years. It’s going to be India’s most livable place. Many new cities have come up in India such as Gandhinagar, Naya Raipur, Bhubaneshwar and Bhopal but they are all political capitals. Dholera will be India’s first planned industrial city,” said Shivahare. It will generate jobs for approximately 80,000 people. The project is expected to be completed by 2040.


Property is one of the safest ways to invest for investors. It is absolutely better than fixed investment options such as share market & is free from suspicions. That’s why investors go on looking for superior investment opportunities that hold promise of good returns. With the deep thinking over this, Dholera Metro City developer presents the powerful real estate investment opportunity for luxurious future ahead.

Did you know, Dholera in Gujarat, is the first greenfield industrial city of India? Dholera is also projected to pull in a lot of investors outstanding to the growth potential it seeming offers due to its first ever unique features. Dholera will place an example of a perfect sustainable city with rich green garden and field on one side and skyscrapers on the other. Every home will have Wi-Fi connectivity with stunning and orderly surrounding by maintaining outstanding cleanliness all over the whole city. Having such crucial as well as luxurious amenities all over the city will be further complimented by the Indian Railways by providing metro and bullet train services for improved connectivity. Dholera will have its own city center linked via its public transport facility zone, which will be 55 mts. wide.

Dholera Smart City should shortly be a living reality. The best time to invest into a residential plot at Dholera. Different economic specialists over the world are putting resources into Dholera personal plots. Government is also expecting to raise funds for the project through private players and foreign investors. Dholera will also have huge commercial multiplexes and malls to fulfill the desires of people from every walk of their life. People will have luxurious life in the upcoming Greenfield city, guaranteed!

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