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    how to check if property is clear in india

    How to check if Your Property is legally clear in India?

    Supreme Court’s epic judgment to demolish illegally constructed flats in the Campa Cola Society in Worli, Mumbai came as a jolt to the residents who were oblivious to the irregularities since they bought the flat in 1991. Built between 1981 and 1989, the society had seven high-rise buildings. A few of the buildings had 17 […]

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    investing in land vs plot comparison

    Investing in Plot Vs Flat – Pros and Cons

    Investing in plot or flat enclose their pros and cons. While purchasing a piece of land offers you the freedom to construct a house based on personal needs and limitations, buying a pre-designed apartment does not leave much scope to modify the size and appearance of the structure area. We delve into some factors of […]

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