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  • A Case For US Infrastructure

    A trip to most of the American urban centres leaves all in shock and wonderment at the failure of prior US governments to upkeep basic infrastructure needs of the American people. President Trump’s intention to pump US$1 trillion into America’s failing infrastructure is by no means an overestimation! The US Congress’s dire inability to legislate […]

  • Make optimum use of Section 80C

    Make optimum use of Section 80C

    As per the section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, an individual can claim up to Rs. 1, 50,000 from his or her taxable income as a deduction. Deductions are provisions created by the government to help taxpaying citizen save their money. However, these deductions have to be put to good use, which means, […]

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    monthly income plan

    Complete Guide on MIP / Monthly Income Plan

    Are you seeking some sort of financial instrument that can give you decent income at low or moderate risk? Or, do you want to park that surplus cash somewhere in a hope of receiving greater returns than an FD could provide?  Yes! Then, let me take you to the world of MIP. Contrary to what […]

  • compund interest

    Extraordinary Power of Compound Interest that Every Investor should know

    Compound Interest means gaining ‘interest on interest’. In simpler words, compounding means reinvesting the interest you gained on an investment, as against depositing it in your bank account or using it up. Let us introduce you to the benefits of investing early and consistently by capitalizing on the power of Compound Interest. Start Early It […]